Jim Morris, of Morris Photography, is a Southern California photographer specializing in location photography for the commercial, industrial and architectural markets, as well as digital imaging and stock photography.

Industrial and commercial photography is more than art when required for business, it is an expense that must produce tangible results in the form of return on investment. Images that bring results. Morris Photography specializes in the requirements of industry.

Architectural Photography is the art of documenting the creation of the designer or architect while conveying the feeling and mood the orignial artist/creator intended. Morris Photography provides images that customers remember.


Large and medium formats are standard camera sizes. These cameras, along with about 300 pounds of studio equipment (lights, power packs, back drops, stands etc.) are taken on location to the customer's site.

The advantage of location photography to the customer is that shooting on site saves money and time. Often it is not practical to ship large or delicate items across town to a studio, and risk the damage associated with transit. At times the customer does not have the time to spend in a remote studio supervising a photo shoot. And all the necessary people and products are at the location.

If Morris Photograpy can be of any assistance to your firm please contact us at (818) 885-5880 or email us at morris@westworld.com.